career evolution

become a Proaltia consultant

Our consultants provide clients with tailor made solutions to help them design or improve their services and ICT environments. They operate on various levels depending on their experience, including development, architecture, project management as well as organization and process management.

Our consultants are graduates of Europe’s best universities and business schools. They are skilled in one or more of the following fields: IT-related technologies, methodology, telecommunications, management, Business Analysis, Functional Analysis, PMO…

Our consultants design and improve clients’ processes and services because of their ability to critically analyze existing situations and/or their knowledge of current practices. They are able to transmform theoretical knowledge into practical solutions and combine excellent technical training with a well-rounded and international background.

Because of their strong interpersonal skills, our consultants are able to work in multidisciplinary teams, communicate effectively and mobilize their networks. They are quick to adapt, to work independently and take initiatives. Their other assets include imagination, creativity and curiosity.


career paths

To offer consistency in the way your career is managed, every consultant has a permanent Proaltia Manager. Together with him you will define your career wishes and goals, and the steps to reach them. This happens through regular project reviews at our client’s work site, as well as personal development follow-ups.

To support our consultants in their personal development, we also have an internal department called Proaltia Management Program (PMP). Its aim is to help Proaltia Teams by providing functional or technical training, coaching and workshops and by organizing team events.

As a Proaltia consultant, you will join a dynamic team driven by entrepreneurship and professionalism. As a young, dynamic company, we can offer an environment where you enjoy a concrete value added exeprience. You can evaluate your own contribution to your company’s evolution and success.

Because we believe in a tailor made approach to consulting, you will get the unique opportunity, as a consultant, to express your talent and know-how by enabling our clients to implement their growth and performance strategy in an efficient way. You will be part of a success story that you help write.

And, naturally, through the diversity of assignments, you will be exposed to a broad range of projects that will provide the challenge needed to further develop your skills and stimulate your mind.