We value transparency because a long term relationship with our clients developes into a pillar of trust, when there is complete transparency.
Because our goal is to bring the highest value added on the market today, a complete transparency into our internal process is a key factor.


Our teams are dedicated to their mission: Bring the value added service our clients deserve. Proaltia respects individuals and client interest throughout the full lifecycle of the relationship i.e. recruitment, business cycles, billing, crisis resolution.


Creating a new way of doing consulting is quite an adventure! Success is never an individual story. As the saying goes, « there is no I in team ». At Proaltia success is based on the strong relationship between all the employees of the company. We strive to keep an open mind for learning, change and growth while dedicated to the best practices.


In a fast moving environment in the ICT world, learning keeps us relevant and cutting edge. Our teams receive indepth trainings to provide functional, technical, and language knowledge. We take pride in offering the latest in best practices.